An Introduction to Comet

Comet goldfish are first bred in America. Though China is believed to be the origin of goldfish comets originated in the USA.

The credit for breeding comet goldfish goes to a FastComet government fishery official named Hugo Mulrett. Working with the Government Fish Commission in Washington he developed the fish in the early 1880s. He then released a large quantity of the fish in the market. Comets are known in Japan as Kometto.

Comet goldfish have beautiful single color or may have multi colored bodies. Usually they are found in yellow, orange, white, red, and red-white colors. Comet goldfish have a unique appearance and the long tail is the cause of the uniqueness.

The tail of comet goldfish can grow up to 12 inches long and it is forked deep, almost up to the starting of their tails. The name “Comet goldfish” seems to have been derived from the word “Comets”- the astral bodies found in the space because of the strong resemblance of the fish to them.

The long sizes of Comer goldfish makes them more suitable for bigger aquariums or out door ponds. They are hardy in nature and are fast swimmers. They can be kept with other hardy goldfish. Comet goldfish live up to 10 years on an average. But they may live longer if proper care is taken.

Various aquatic plants such as Anubias, Elodea (Egeria), Crinum, and Java moss can be planted in the pond where comet goldfish are kept. There should be enough space for the comet goldfish to swim otherwise they will get tangled in the plants.

There are no special cares required for the comet goldfish and whatever care you may take for a common goldfish is sufficient for them. Like any other goldfish they should be given vegetables in their diets. They may suffer from the same goldfish disease that other varieties of goldfish may get.


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