The Beauty of the Backpack

What is a backpack? Well, according to the Collins English Dictionary, one of its definition is, “a rucksack”. A rucksack, what is a rucksack? I’m glad you ask. A rucksack is a large bag, usually having two straps, carried on the back and often used by climbers, campers, etc. It is also called: backpack.

Backpack, rucksack, knapsack and haversack, depending backpack vs knapsack on which part of the world you’re in, you’ll hear one of these names, but they all referring to the same item, the same product.

The haversack can be traced to the year eighteen fifty five (1855) and especially during the time of war. Knapsacks are never out of season and throughout the years, instead of disappearing, they have become more and more popular with added styles and benefits.

The beauty of a backpack is its durability, its versatility, its design, its variety and its features.

(1) The durability of the Haversacks.

Haversacks are usually made from leather, nylon (water resistant nylon as well), polyester, fustian, whisper fleece, kordura and vinyl. In the pass as well as the present, soldiers have been using haversacks on their missions. Children, day in and day out have been forcing them into lockers, dropping them on the play ground and jogging them up and down as they run.

(2) The versatility of the Rucksack.

A rucksack can be taken practically anywhere and I do mean anywhere. It can be used for carrying school supplies, camping necessities and hiking gears. It is perfect for a trip to the store and astronauts have been using it for carrying food into outer space.

(3) The design of the Knapsack.

The knapsack is usually designed as top loaders and front loaders. The top loader is packed from the top of the bag and is great for cross country outings because of its large storage capacity. As for the front loaders, these are accessible from the front, that is, quick and easy access to your gear. There are day packs and there are expedition packs. The day pack is designed for short outings, such as a day of hiking and the expedition pack, like its name suggests, is suitable for cross country camping.

(4) The variety of the Backpack

Even though it is more heighten during the “back to school” periods, the backpack can be found in abundance throughout the year. There is a backpack for carrying laptops, cameras, volleyballs and even skateboards and that’s not all, there are backpacks for carrying a baby car seat or a booster seat.

(5) The features of the Backpack

The backpack have loads of practical and attractive features. There are waist and shoulder support straps (padded with foam), multiple loading compartments, hydro-pack systems, front, side and bottom pockets, zippers, laces to reinforce the zippers, multicolour and single colour. There are long backpacks and short backpacks, there are big backpacks and small backpacks. There are backpacks with wheels and backpacks without. There are backpacks specially designed with the curve of the body in mind and recently one have been publicize that was designed with the storage and playing of the ipod (while in the bag) in mind.


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